Christmas Already!

Can’t believe it is the end of 2019. Still debating the 5th wheel or class A pros and cons. Changes are a coming – Jim has started his own consulting business and that is one of the things we have to think about when we go full time RV’ing, remote work. He is off to a great start. Thinking we might transition into a class A, from our tag-along and try it out for a while with trips before we make a final decision, or is it final, we will keep our options open. I hope to get better at this in the New Year, I hate to call it a resolution, but it is a goal of mine.

To Class A or Fifth Wheel, that is the question.

Never too early to research. We currently camp and vacation in a 2009 Funfinder 24′ tag-a-long. It is our first one and we use it at least once a month, April – November. My husband says he could live in it fulltime, until it is his turn to do the dishes and the sink is too short. We also currently have 3 dogs. To say the least 24′ is quite tight!!!! Hubby uses the word “cozy”.

We are thinking, with either class, between 36′ and 39′. We don’t want anything longer than 40′ because it could be hard to find a campsite in our travels. Once we get to our destinations, kids driveways, we should have no problem with space! I think manuverability would be better under 40′ feet.

We are currently flip flopping between the two styles, early in this process, so more research is needed.

We do know we would like a used, not new, RV because of depreciation. There will be lots of RV dealerships and RV shows to see what features we would like. I can not get over the number of floorplans there are for each manufacturer and model! Choices- choices!

We are Jim and Kathy

We live in Tennessee at the moment. We moved here 3 years ago. We left Northern Virginia after our last child moved to Colorado. We listed our house on the market, sold all of our stuff (90%) and then looked for jobs in a more cost of living friendly area. We found it here in Tennessee, it is beautiful here, but…… our kids and grandkids are in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado. So we have come up with RVing fulltime, so that we will visit each of our kids for around 3 months a year, with traveling and seeing the US in between.